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I made some research still, i can't seem to ping from the mainframe my windows ip.
I'm using a loopback adapter because i'm on a virtual machine with no internet.
The TT32TEST works. I read the ctci-win documentation but still no solution.
I made two configuration, LCS and CTC. On the LCS one, the activation of the device is initialized. The initialization of the CTC one however does not. The configurations were tested one at a time.
Can anybody help?

here is my hercules configuration:
for LCS:  0E20.2 LCS -n -m 00-00-5E-8A-0A-6F
for CTCI: 0E20.2 CTCI-WIN

Here is my tcpip profile:
for LCS:
 DEVICE DEFINITION                
DEVICE LCS1   LCS           E20  
 HOME                                 ETH1
 ROUTE    =             ETH1   MTU 1492    
 ROUTE DEFAULT          ETH1   MTU 1492    

for CTCI:

 DEVICE CTCA1 CTC e20                  
 LINK CTC1 CTC 1 CTCA1                  
 HOME                              CTC1                    
 GATEWAY                            = CTC1 1492 HOST        
 DEFAULTNET CTC1 1492 0    

My problem as far as i wacked my head is my defaultet/gateway. I didn't have any because i didn't defined it when configuring the loopback adapter. As of now, i introduced to see what happens, in the configurations also. Still nothing..