Various warnings while building

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Various warnings while building

Hercules390 - General mailing list
Building with trunk from github, on Debian 32-bit Linux.

Commit c6fb73206ccc163fadd5eefbb119476dcfd5491c  (8 FEB 2017)

I first ran  util/bldlvlck  to check my setup and got all the pre-reqs installed.

OK      autoconf requires 2.64, found 2.69
OK      automake requires 1.9, found 1.14.1
OK      flex requires 2.5, found 2.5.39
OK      gawk requires 3.0, found 4.1.1
OK      gcc requires 3, found 4.9.2
OK      grep requires 1, found 2.20
OK      m4 requires 1.4.6, found 1.4.17
OK      make requires 3.79, found 4.0
OK      perl requires 5.6, found 5.20.2
OK      sed requires 3.02, found 4.2.2

Using 1Stop build script, during the autogen phase:

Created '../i686/hyperion'.
/home/bill/IBM370/hercules/hyperion-master/hyperion/autoconf/missing: Unknown `--is-lightweight' option
Try `/home/bill/IBM370/hercules/hyperion-master/hyperion/autoconf/missing --help' for more information
configure: WARNING: 'missing' script is too old or missing

The 'missing' included in the Hercules autoconf directory reports:
    missing 0.3 - GNU automake

I notice the 'missing' in my automake-1.14 package reports:
    missing 2013-10-28.13 (GNU Automake)

Substituting this version of 'missing' "fixes" the above warnings.

Are these warnings expected, and/or an indication of a problem?