Tun/tap on Mandriva 5000 LE.

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Tun/tap on Mandriva 5000 LE.

Andy The K
Lately I have been using two Linux distros with kernel 2.6.  
Thanks to Greg's excellent step-by-step instructions (message number
41979) tun/tap (and therefore TCPIP connection from the guest to the
outside world) has worked perfectly.

For those using Mandriva 2005 LE (the free download version of MDK
10.2), Greg's step 4 poses a problem:  there is no
/etc/udev/permissions.d/ directory in this distro. To set the
permissions correctly, I replaced Greg's step 4 with the following:
4. edit `udev filesystem' rules file

Look for the lines containing

# Network devices

KERNEL="tun",                                   SYMLINK="net/%k"

Change the last line to read

KERNEL="tun",                                   SYMLINK="net/%k",    
  GROUP="<group>",       MODE="0660"

All four parameters must be on one line with no break. (Darn Yahoo
folding may have mangled it).

Note the comma added immediately after the SYMLINK parameter, and the
quotes around each parameter value.

Include the tabs after the commas.  I have no idea whether tabs are
necessary, or if any white space would do.

Disclaimer - I'm no expert on "udev."  Matter of fack this is my first
acquaintance with its parameters.  This is just an ad hoc solution
which seemed reasonable, and luckily, it worked.

Good luck.   Andy.

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