Stanford Pascal compiler - new enhanced version (02.2017)

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Stanford Pascal compiler - new enhanced version (02.2017)

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Hello H390 group,

I would like to inform you about a new version of the Stanford Pascal
(targetting Hercules/VM). It is available for download from the Stanford
compiler website
(Zip-File containing AWSTape File, 3420 device, TAPE LOAD Format) -
see Resources paragraph.

The changes since Dec 2016 release:

- Bit operations are supported, using AND, OR, NOT with integers
(and the new XOR operation)

- Undeclared procs are supported; the types of the parameters are
taken from the argument types; if the arguments are variables,
they are passed by reference, if not, by value. A warning W184 is issued

- same goes for undeclared functions; they are supposed to return an
integer result. Warning W186

- error fixed, when more than one external module used static variables
in its (global) STATIC CSECT (name conflict of those CSECTs)

- some features of IBMs Pascal/VS are now implemented (CLOSE, HALT,
DATETIME, TERMIN / TERMOUT and a new procedure DATTIM10,
which returns the date with a 4-digit year) - this is done in an optional
external module PASCALVS - but CLOSE was implemented in the compiler

- DATE and TIME are changed, so that the actual date and time is returned;
not the date and time from program start

- some errors with floating point computation and rounding have been fixed;
now on all platforms we will get the same results (in most cases)

- the FLOOR function (from C) has been added

- a new function ROUNDX has been added; it rounds floating point values
at a certain decimal position (e.g.: ROUNDX (12.35, -1) = 12.4)

- floating point output has been fixed, so that the same output is produced
on all platforms (in most cases)

- the Pascal monitor (the runtime) PASMONN.ASS has been improved

For more information, see the website mentioned above or join the
Facebook page:

If you want to test the compiler on other platforms like Windows, OS/2
or Linux,
please feel free to contact me directly.

The plans for the next months involve a port to MVS (TK4-).

Kind regards