OverLand L490E Tape Drive for sale

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OverLand L490E Tape Drive for sale

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Hello fellow Herculeans!

We're short on cash this month and need to raise some money quick in order to be able to pay rent.  I know it was just last month that I asked for help (donations) so I'm not going to put you through that again.

Instead, we're selling some of our clutter that's still lying around collecting dust (which will make it easier when it comes time to move too).  One such thing that's been sitting here unused for several years now is an Overland L490E 3490 tape drive.  Is anyone interested in it?

I don't have a price (make me an offer!) nor even a picture (but I'll take some and post them if anyone's honestly interested in it), but found a Ukrainian web site with some pictures:


I'm fairly sure mine is the same as the one picture above but can't say that for certain yet.  Like I said I'll take some photos so you can know for sure if anyone expresses interest.

I haven't used it for many years now but it was working fine years ago when I did use it.  I forget which type of SCSI card it requires but I think I still have two of them that I'll throw in for free: a Tekram and an Adaptec.

I may not be able to ship it quickly (need to blow the dust out of it and find a box big enough for it), but I *DO* need to money quickly!  (We need to pay rent!)

If anyone is interested please contact me off list as soon as possible!


"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Software Development Laboratories
mail: [hidden email]