New Stanford Pascal compiler for MVS ready for download

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New Stanford Pascal compiler for MVS ready for download

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Dear Hercules MVS Users,

I would like to inform you that the 05.2017 edition of the
new Stanford Pascal compiler which has significant extensions
compared to the 1982 McGill and the 1979 Stanford versions
is now available for MVS and can be downloaded from

see Resources paragraph

The compiler and all the needed components is included in a
ZIP file; some short usage notes:

Usage Notes for the MVS version:

the ZIP files contains subdirectories which are named
like MVS datasets;
you should transfer the files contained in the subdirectories
to such PDS libraries (omit the file extensions).
You may choose another high level qualifier than PASCALN.
Most files are text files (text FTP would be OK), but the files
contained in the directories with last name part = TEXT
are RECFM fixed LRECL 80 object files (binary FTP required).
To start the compiler, look at the example jobs in the
CNTL datasets and the JCL procs PASNC, PASNCL,

There is also a file PASCALN.TXT, which contains all the
stuff in one file, created on the mainframe using the
Pascal program DOWNLOAD.PAS (included in the ZIP file, too);
the PC files in the directories with the MVS like names
are created using the Pascal program SPLITPAS.PAS
on Windows (which is also included in the ZIP file).

<end of Usage Notes>

Please feel free to ask if you have questions or if you need
help with the compiler.

More information:

I will upgrade the VM version in the next few weeks, too.

Kind regards