FYI - three old OS/360 reference handbooks added to MVT files section

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FYI - three old OS/360 reference handbooks added to MVT files section

I scanned and uploaded three very old (MVT R 15/16 timeframe)
reference booklets to the
OS/360 hercules files section. They are X20-1733 OS/360 Data
Management, X20-1738 OS/
360 Supervisor, and X20-1739 OS/360 Linkage Editor. They contain
macro definitons and so
on thus they are of use to anyone doing MVT or MVS assembler coding.
As far as I can tell
they are not licensed material as there are no statements on them
about an IBM license. I
used them heavily during my life as a sysprog but my hand scribbled
notes didn't scan (pencil
fades after 30 years!). The originals are in a 6 ring binder form so
the images are sideways.
Either print them out or rotate the image to use. I scanned them on
my Mac (really easy once
you figure out just to save them as PDF files). If any PC people have
trouble reading them let
me know offline and I can correct and/or redo them.

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